Our Due Diligence Report is an annual report based on the ESG Accord Due Diligence Questionnaire. It will focus only on ESG/Sustainable MPS offerings available to financial advisers via one or more platform and is designed to deep dive into each proposition. It is not a review of other aspects of an MPS; it is a focused report on the ESG/Sustainable Finance offering from each DFM/Product Provider.

The design will seek to incorporate, to the best of our ability and current knowledge, the incoming FCA labels regime, covering All ESG/Sustainable funds.  It will be an independent and standalone report.

Benefits of the Report:

For advisers and their clients:

➢ It will be of highest relevance and a huge time-saving document for firms who are using the ESG Accord Triage & VQ

➢ Other firms will still find the report useful to summarise those providers offering an ESG/ Sustainable MPS and to highlight the areas covered by each MPS

➢ Greater ability to match funds to target (and negative target) markets, with raised likelihood of suitable client outcomes

➢ Raised trust and transparency

➢ Increased likelihood of fund outcomes genuinely meeting needs

➢ Reduced risk of investing in inappropriate funds

For fund groups:

➢ The report will give an independent view on the merits and pitfalls of different offerings, by raising information sharing between manufacturer and distributor

➢ It will provide insight on each provider’s USPs in the ESG/sustainable space, which will be in the interests of the end clients

➢ It will act as a conduit between the distributor and manufacturer to prioritise effective co-operation in this fast-evolving space

➢ It will offer valuable insight to target markets (and negative target markets)

➢ Assist with developing an MPS proposition, reducing conduct risk, which includes the impact of product design, and the impact of this on consumer outcomes


Released 31/3/2022

For financial advice firms – we originally set the price for access to the report at £100 for financial advice firms but until further notice we have decided to waive this charge. As an alternative to charging a report fee we would prefer financial advisers to make a donation in support of Ukraine via a trusted charity of their choice.  

Fund Managers, DFMs, Networks, Compliance Firms£500

We would like to thank our generous sponsors for supporting this important piece of work for the UK Financial Services market:

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