Our Adviser Support Framework is provided on an annual basis, currently at £395p/a. The framework is kept up to date and we are responsive to incoming regulatory changes (such as the Roadmap from the Treasury and DP21). Currently, our framework includes:

  1. ESG & Sustainability – this is template wording for ESG & Sustainability website disclosures
  2. ToB Example ESG & Sustainability – inclusion wording & Client Addendum  
  3. Triage & Values Questionnaire (VQ) – Our Process – this is a template client education explainer document to send to clients before meetings 
  4. Triage Document – Value Levels 1&2 are inclusive, triage template questionnaire document
  5. Values Questionnaires (for levels 3, 4 & 5) – three sets of granular questionnaires
  6. Due Diligence – this is template wording for your internal compliance statement / process for ESG & Sustainability 
  7. Due Diligence – research questions, corresponding to the Framework Levels, for use with Fund Managers/DFMs 
  8. From Q1 2022 we will release our ESG & Sustainable MPS Due Diligence Report. This will be free for our clients – you will receive a copy as part of your annually inclusive updates (non-clients can purchase at a standalone cost of £250).
  9. Updates to documentation and client facing material throughout the year.

Training is also available (time cost basis), for Senior Management, internal compliance officers, advisers and admin staff.

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